Statement of Financial Commitment


In the last few decades, several scandals have rocked major nonprofit organizations, and the public has taken note. When someone makes the choice to donate to a charity, they deserve to know how every penny of that donation is used, and these recent debacles have shaken confidence on the part of donors. We at the Saving Throw Foundation recognize the critical importance that transparency and accountability play in the relationship between a nonprofit and the public. As such, we have taken several steps to help you know exactly what your donation is going to support.

Within a week of the organization’s incorporation, the founding board members held a vote on the use of all donated funds. It was unanimously decided that a minimum of 50% of all donations would be placed in reserve for use exclusively towards paying the medical bills of injured or sick children. When you donate a dollar to the Saving Throw Foundation, fifty cents is absolutely guaranteed to go directly to help a child in need.

All operational costs for STF will come from the remaining 50%. These costs include fundraising efforts, promotions, and basic operational costs (postage, website hosting fees, bank fees). All board members and volunteers for the Saving Throw Foundation are committed to minimizing costs wherever possible. Our goal is to support as many children as possible, and every financial decision the board of directors makes must be focused on that goal. If a dollar isn’t going directly to pay the medical bills of a sick child, it will be used to raise more funds to help even more children.

At the end of each fiscal year, the board of directors will publish our financial records for the previous year, as well as our projections and goals for the upcoming year. This will help each and every donor see where their donation is going. Whenever possible, we will work to minimize operational and fundraising costs, and any money saved will go directly into that reserve for distributions.

The goal of every choice we make here at Saving Throw Foundation is to make the lives of these children better. We welcome any and all suggestions as to how we can do that better, and remain committed to operating in a responsible and transparent way. I am proud to be a part of this team, and I look forward to the work we’re all going to do together.

Dietrich Stogner
Saving Throw Foundation, Inc.