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Our Purpose


Every year, millions of people pick up a game controller, or sit down to play a board game with their friends and loved ones. These pastimes have become ubiquitous for an entire generation of Americans, and in the last few years, the internet and social media have fostered a community of gamers that spans the globe.

Many of these gamers recognize the tremendous power that can be found in mobilizing these communities to do good work, and to provide charitable assistance to those in need. Saving Throw Foundation, Inc. will work to foster that community drive towards generosity, providing benevolent assistance to families with children undergoing treatment for terminal and/or serious illnesses.


We take your money and give it to sick kids.
You know, kinda like Robin Hood.


Our Mission


Saving Throw Foundation is a benevolent assistance nonprofit organization focused on providing assistance for families with children undergoing treatment for terminal and/or serious illnesses.

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Goals & Objectives


Saving Throw Foundation is in process to obtain 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS. Through mobilizing the gaming and tabletop community, both in Middle Tennessee and beyond, the organization will host gaming tournaments, community events, and other fundraisers, all with the purpose of generating funds for benevolent assistance. STF will identify families who have children coping with terminal and/or serious illness, and will provide benevolent assistance to help pay medical expenses not covered by insurance. By doing so, STF will work to provide comfort and respite for families enduring an overwhelming and terrible ordeal.



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